Ok, I will admit that I am a bit of a book snob. I like my Austen and my Salinger and my Hemingway. They are my buddies. You probably won’t ever see me reading a book by Jennifer Weiner or Nora Roberts. I KNOW, I know, could my nose be any higher in the air?? I am trying very hard to change this terrible tendency of mine, but I have yet to develop a taste for, what we call in the bookstore, “Fun Fiction.” When I want to have fun, I pick up Kerouac or Wolfe. Is that so terrible?? When I want to fall in love, I pick up Austen. I mean come on, no one does love better than Austen.

Believe me, I have tried to change. As much as I hate to make this publicly known, I read all those damn Twilight books, and as I put down Breaking Dawn, I wished I could get back the last week of my life. Now, I could go on for hours about how I think Twilight is the worst garbage ever written, but that’s not the point of this entry. The trouble with books like Twilight is that, as gripping and enticing as their plots may be (and that’s debatable), the writing is just plain BAD. So now we have every gullable 13 and 14 year old girl devouring this nonsense and thinking that this is what good writing is supposed to look like. WRONG WRONG WRONG! For God’s sake, throw away that McDonalds and treat yourself to a gourmet meal of Salinger.

Actually, comparing books to food really isn’t so far fetched when you think about it. Take the growing organic food movement, for example. Finally people are becoming increasingly aware of all the dangers of the over-processed, picture-ready “food” they’ve been eating over the years. The result? A return to the old. Relying on foods that have been around since the beginning of time makes sense because we know that that’s where the quality lies. Grains, fruits, plants…these are the foods that Mother Nature has provided for us since day one. Suddenly the most obvious answer is growing in our backyard.

We need a similar movement for books. People are too used to the over-processed, formula-driven, appeal-to-the-masses “literature” that somehow finds its way to the New York Times Bestseller List. I propose another return to the old. Let’s go back to the classics and read books that were groundbreaking and influential, and STILL remain so today. That’s real quality. If you care enough about your body to eat organic, then you should care enough about your mind to read the classics.

Now I know I’m probably going to get a few people all riled up for saying that, but I’m just being honest. And let me make myself clear, I am NOT saying that every modern book is trash. There are TONS of great books out there, new and old. Just remember to read with a grain of salt. Vampires are great, but not overly-sensitive, whiny, needy, high school vampires.

Yea, I’m a book snob. And until I pick up a piece of “Fun Fiction” that has a backbone, I think I might just have to continue to be.