Verba volant, littera scripta manet…words fly away, but the written word remains.

Earlier today I was thinking about what exactly I wanted to blog about. “Well,” I thought to myself, “books, obviously.” But then I thought, that’s not good enough. What really matters is what you discover in between the pages-the characters, the stories, the setting, the art work-and how that all connects to our daily lives. Most people don’t think twice about these things. Most people don’t really care or notice…which is fine. I know everyone isn’t a bookaholic like me. But what if I could get people to notice? Not just about books but about words and language and history and the beauty in a great piece of writing. I want people to feel the word. Feel the word. Let words sit with you, hang out with them, invite them over for a beer. Get to know them. You might find that they have been there with you all along.

So, no, I wouldn’t say that this blog is all about books. It’s really about life.